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Technology is constantly changing so how do you stay relevant? By knowing what is new and innovative. We are excited to continually bring you resources that simplify your life and enhance your business.

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How do I get started?

For our services the first step is to register. Registration is free and puts you under no obligation. You will only need to register once for all future transactions. To get started, click here. To order our Premier Marketing packages or materials simply select the item you would like to purchase and proceed to the checkout.

How do I know if you received my order?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your order has been received and what the next steps are.

What do you do with the completed file?

If your office uses a software to upload files during the transaction they will be uploaded to your broker as they are received otherwise the completed Broker file is submitted directly to your office manager (or whomever you designate) by the close of escrow. Escrow sends the closing package directly to your office so you get paid on time. The Transaction Team also retains a copy of your completed file for your convenience for 2 years.

Do you outsource overseas?

Absolutely not — every member of our team that becomes an extension of your team is on our staff. We proudly employee each and every coordinator that we connect you with.